Planet Hyundai, Las Vegas SUCKS!
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DISCLAIMER: This website,, was created in response to sales and service issues with prior ownership and management of the Planet Hyundai dealership. The website name is not intended to suggest that the present owners, management team, and/or employees of Planet Hyundai "suck." Planet Hyundai's quality as a business is and will continue to be judged daily by its customers

Have you visited the NEW Planet Hyundai? Visit our FORUM and share your experience!


For people who have followed this site, or who have forever seen the sleazy ads offering 4,995 Hyundai's in the Vegas valley, you may think this is an April Fool's joke - but it is NOT.   It is 100% official, as of April 1st, 2010, for the first time Planet Hyundai can actually legitimately say it is under new OWNERSHIP and MANAGEMENT.  John Staluppi, Moe, and Frank, this time the joke is finally on you.  So, the big question now - are the new owners going to do business any differently? 

As I have always said, information is power, so here are the things I do know.

  •  The old owner and managers have nothing to do with Planet Hyundai at all. 
  • Ron appears to be less involved in the day to day ops and has not owned a car dealership before
  • Don Tamburro used to own Round Rock Hyundai in TX, but nut sure how long ago.  The dealership is currently not accredited with the BBB, has a 'B' rating, and only 4 complaints in the last 3 years. As I said, I have no idea when Don was there and if Round Rock Hyundai can provide any insight into how things may or may not change at Planet Hyundai.
  • The store's new GM is Don's son, Jason Tamburro.  I have no info on Jason's past experience.

    Have you visited the NEW Planet Hyundai? Visit our FORUM and share your experience!

    This site was originally developed by a frustrated customer of Planet Hyundai in 2004.  The intent of this site is to share with the public my experience and personal opinion, provide a central location for information and tools related to resolving issues with Planet Hyundai, and to provide a forum for others to share their unbiased opinions.

    It did not take long for the Company in question to get wind of this forum, and although this site is by no means defamatory, they have seen fit to threaten
    legal action to keep this information from being freely shared.

    As a consumer, and as an American, I have the right to publish my opinion.  As consumers, we all have an obligation and a right to research important potential purchases.  You can take this site for what it is - a collection of opinions.  If you take the time to read our bulletin board, you will find testimonials of both good and bad experiences with the company in question.  I can only speak for my own experience.   

    It is a sad day in the state of our nation when a company can bully an individual into giving up their First Amendment right to the freedom of speech.

    I will not be bullied  - and this site will not be shut down unless mandated by a court of law. 

    Information is power!

     - Webmaster


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